How Recycling at Work Can Actually Save Your Company Money

Posted on Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

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A huge topic in today's business world is whether or not a company should go green. Many companies have already begun the process of turning their companies green, while others are still feeling a bit wary about the subject. One incentive that might help boost the amount of green companies is the fact that recycling can actually help a company to save money.

Ways to Recycle

There are many different products that can be recycled, including plastics, papers and cans. All of these products are normally thrown away, and are often put into landfill. In order to reduce the amount of trash in our country's landfills, it is pertinent to recycle everything that we can. Starting a recycling plan might be a daunting task, but in the long run it will help save the planet and save your company a lot of money in waste management fees. Start slow, and place a few recycling bins next to trash cans so that people will have a place to throw their recyclables. You'll also have to find a place to take all of your recycled goods, but many waste management companies will pick up both trash and recycling. Educate your company about the pros and cons of recycling and point them in the right direction towards the recycling bins.

Ways to Save Money

Recycling will save your company money in the long run. Each day, companies produce dumpsters full of trash. They then have to pay the waste disposal companies to come and empty the dumpsters. On a yearly basis, this money adds up. By starting a recycling program, companies could cut down on the amount of waste they produce, which in turn would mean less full dumpsters, and the waste disposal company would have to empty the dumpsters fewer times each month. Companies in Connecticut have started recycling programs in their businesses and have found that they are saving significant amounts of money each year. These companies have their waste management Connecticut companies pick up their trash fewer times per month than before they began recycling. The less often the waste disposal Connecticut company comes, the less money that the company has to pay for trash pick up. Waste management companies are visiting Connecticut businesses less often than ever before.

Around 70% of goods used in companies are recyclable, and don't need to be thrown into dumpsters each night. Recycling is also considered an environmental service. Environmental services will boost your company's morale and will put you a step above other companies that don't recycle. Going green will not only save your company money in waste management costs, but it also will put your company on the map as an environmentally friendly business. This label could bring more customers, because many people are trying to be more eco-friendly and will likely respond well to businesses that are going green as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Recycling goods will keep trash out of landfills and in turn helps save the planet.
  • 70% of goods used in offices are recyclable.
  • Recycling would cut down on trash that companies produce and in turn would save money by allowing businesses to cut down their costs on waste management.

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